Our Newest Additions- Ducks!

We have ducks!

Yes we have ducks and they are so cute and funny and fun to watch. There are two females and two males and the females have given us a few delicious eggs already.

Update: Unfortunately, we no longer have ducks, you can read more about why HERE.

Homestead Additions - Khaki Cambell ducks

Did you see our chickens as well? Check them out when they were little right here.Β Or you can see them all grown up HERE.

Homestead Additions - Khaki Cambell ducksThe females have the light heads and the males have the darker heads.
Homestead Additions - Khaki Cambell ducksWe have them in their own fenced in little area of the homestead more to keep predators out than to keep them in (we have quite a few coyotes and cougars in our area. We’ve been enjoying their antics and our younger two kids, Cadence and Gabe have been the resident egg collectors. Β  πŸ™‚

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