2016: Looking back and planning ahead

2016: Looking back and planning ahead

Hello, dear friends, it has been a little while as I unintentionally took a bit of a blogging hiatus over the holidays. We had a lovely Christmas filled with lots of time with family and friends and were even gifted some amazing experiences that I can’t wait to share with you this coming year.

As is normal this time of year, I have been reflecting a bit on 2016 as it was for our family. If I had to pick a word to describe 2016, for me, it would have to be LEARNING. I have learned so much this year, from things around our homestead to different things in our garden, to working on a new education for myself from home (I’m learning how to be a medical transcriptionist!). There was a lot of learning how to be a parent to 3 children who are quickly leaving childhood behind and looking forward to preteen and teenage years. And I learned a ton about blogging.

Some highlights of 2016 for our family include:

  • I tried making garlic scape pesto for the first time and it was a huge hit! I’m looking forward to making more this year when our garlic scapes are ready (we should get quite a bit, as I planted 100 cloves of garlic this October!)
  • Our newest nephew/cousin was born in September (on Nyla’s birthday coincidently!)


Reflections on blogging in 2016.

As for myself, as I mentioned I did a lot of learning about blogging. I learned a few Pinterest strategies, an excellent affiliate strategy, and I purchased a Genius bloggers toolkit to learn even more about all aspects of blogging. In case you are curious, my most popular blog posts from 2016 are:

  1. My Online Income Report October 2016
  2. My recipe for these delicious Un-turtle bars.
  3. Dream Big Printables review
  4. My Online Income Report September 2016
  5. First Day of School 2016
  6. Sailing Around the Carribean ~ An Interview
  7. What is a homestead and what does it mean to me?


Some Goals For 2017

  • I’m looking forward to learning even more, in 2017, from an expert on blogging which I will tell you more about in future.
  • My hubby and I are hoping to do a bunch of hiking and maybe some camping this summer (hey did you know that you can get a Parks Canada Discovery pass for Free in 2017?! !Click here for more information)
  • I am going to try and get this little home and homestead of ours organized, once and for all! And I’m excited to share my journey in this with all of you.
  • I feel like 2017 is going to be my year, my year for getting fit and healthy and good things to happen.

How about yourself? What are some of your goals for 2017? It can only get better than 2016 I hope!

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