3 ways to have fun with Essential Oils

3 ways to have fun with Essential Oils

Having Fun with Essential Oils


There has been a growing trend in the use of essential oils. The increasing variety of bath products in the health and beauty market gives us an idea of what customers are looking for. No longer are consumers satisfied with synthetic essences, but we are finding that more and more people are looking at the quality of the products they are purchasing.

You too can create your own unique blend of quality soaps, bath salts, massage oils, and creams with essential oils. Using quality base products (essential oils, carrier oils, beeswax, soaps, salts, and creams), create bath products just the way you like them. When you purchase ready made products, some may be too strong or too light. Some products may claim to have a certain level or purity or certification and still not be as effective as they claim to be. Remove the uncertainty by being able to create your own health and beauty products.

These products are not just for the women. Men too can enjoy the benefits that the essential oils provide. Create seductive blends that enhance masculinity and also provide the emotional balance. Experiment with different oils and carrier media to obtain the right blend for your special someone.

Once you’ve gained some experience learning to manufacture your own special blends of essential oil combinations, make some extra and use them as gifts for your family and loved ones. The oils can be given alone or by combining them with other useful products such as bath brushes, towels, diffusers, and anything that your gift recipient would appreciate. Learn about the medicinal effects of essential oils and combine them with other oils or bath products to create a “Cold buster” package or a “Relaxation” package. There are so many ideas and you are only limited by what you can create in your mind.

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Creating the massage oils and bath products are easy to do. Keep in mind that safety precautions are a must when working with the essential oils. The oils are concentrated and may cause a physical reaction if not handled properly. The use of gloves purchased at a local drug store will be sufficient in most cases.

There is a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils. The fragrance oils do not carry the same therapeutic benefits as the essential oils do. The essential oils are derived from a plant (tree sap, leaf, bark, etc.) whereas the fragrance oils could be synthetically manufactured. The healing benefits are then lost if the original properties of the plant are not intact.

Have fun creating new blends and unleash the health benefits of essential oils at the same time. Enjoy placing different mixes of scents in various areas throughout your home. You will also be able to easily change the emotional climate of the room as easy as changing your home. Experience the maximum benefits of aromatherapy when you properly air the room between scent changes. There is no end to creating your own special environments. You will only be limited by the variety of essential oils you own!

Creating the Mood of Your Home with Essential Oils

3 ways to have fun with essential oils

Looking to add a new dimension to your home? Scents are powerful! They can stir up memories of our childhood as we remember mom’s home cooking. They remind us of a place of comfort as we remember special moments in our lives.

Make your home your haven by adding the dimension of scent. Using essential oils in various places throughout your home can bring a sense of peace, tranquility, and refreshing. It can also bring a newfound zesty appeal and at the same time, help bring emotional stability in our minds. You can change the mood of your home easily by changing the blend of oils you use.

Add a happy, peaceful tone in your home. A few essential oils that would help to create that mood are citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon, and orange. Each has a different tone of citrus and can be used in different areas of the home for variety. The lemon or orange essential oils can be used in the kitchen (so as not to conflict with household cleaners) to promote a feeling of freshness and crispness. Use the grapefruit essential oil in the living areas to spice up these rooms. The invigorating grapefruit essence also helps to combat feelings of fatigue and exhaustion as well. What a great atmosphere to relax in after a long hard days work!

Okay, maybe we don’t want or need a scent in every room, but we just want to add a simple touch to our home environment. To create a calming peace and tranquil atmosphere, try lavender or roman chamomile essential oils. The scents can be added in a variety of ways – through candles, spritz sprays, and reed diffusers. You can also try adding a drop of the oil on top of your heater or to a hot light bulb (do not use a halogen bulb with this). You can also blend oils to change up the climate of your home. A personal favorite is the lavender and cedar wood blend of essential oils. You can blend these oils yourself or purchase pre-made products at a local retailer.

What kind of mood do you want to create? The essential oils mentioned above are quite popular, but there are many more oils available. Take a trip to your local retailer and see what oils are available. If there are no oils available, see what the scent smells like and if it appeals to you. A trip to a bath products or lotions store will most likely be helpful in identifying what scents you like before starting your online price search.

Choose the essential oils that fit you. Does the scent depict your personality? Does the scent reflect the mood you want to create? What kind of scents work best for my home? The answer to these questions is that it is all up to you. You decide which essential oils work for you and your home. You decide the tone of the environment in your home. The best way is to jump in and find out what you like. Start with a bottle or two and try them in various locations of your home. Have fun creating different scents for different occasions!

How to Make Your Own Essential Oils

3 ways to have fun with essential oils

Essential oils are useful for a variety of purposes. They can be used for medicinal reasons or healing of the mind, for example. Most people buy their oils in small bottles ready to be used. However, you can sometimes make your own essential oils.

Sweet almond oil can be used as a base for essential oils. It is best if combined with vitamin E because this is a natural preservative. To make a small amount of essential oil, use one-half cup of the sweet almond oil with vitamin E.

Choose the type of essential oil you want to make. This will usually depend upon what plant materials you have at hand. If you have a rose garden, you might want to make rose oil. With an herb garden, you could make oil of thyme or oil of oregano. If you are making essential oils in winter, you could use citrus peels, such as lemon or grapefruit. To get started making essential oils, take your plant material and put it in a plastic bag. Start with a cup of tightly packed flowers. Or, use a quarter cup of packed herbs or chopped fruit peel. Close the bag.

Tap the bag with a hammer or a kitchen mallet to slightly bruise the material. Do this gently so as not to turn your plant matter into mush. You want the oils of the plant substance to be brought out ever so slightly. This is the basis for your essential oils.

Next, it’s time to put the contents of the bag in a wide mouthed jar with the sweet almond oil. Put a top on the jar and shake it gently until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Make sure the plant matter is saturated. The essential oil will start to form. It takes some time for the essential oils to be extracted from the plant material in this manner. So, leave your jar in a warm place for the rest of the day. This will give the natural oils time to permeate the sweet almond oil.

On the second day, put some cheesecloth over the mouth of a second wide mouthed jar and pour the mixture from the first jar through it and into the second jar. At this point, you don’t need the first batch of plant matter you gathered. Throw it away along with the cheesecloth.

For the next three days, repeat the same procedure, using another cup of flowers or a quarter cup of fresh herbs or chopped fruit. Always strain the mixture from the previous day through cheesecloth into a clean jar. This will assure that your essential oils are pure.

When all these steps are completed, you have made your essential oil. You only need to bottle it and it will be good for six to twelve months whenever you need it. To bottle it, strain it through cheesecloth a final time. Then pour it through a funnel into small, dark bottles. Close the tops with stoppers.

If you do any flower or herb gardening at all, you might be surprised at how many different essential oils you can make. You can put them together from ingredients in your own back yard.

I hope you enjoyed these three ways of having fun with essential oils. Please pin this image for later.

3 ways to have fun with essential oils





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