8 Best Books and Blogs for Inspired School Lunches

8 Best Books and Blogs for Inspired School Lunches

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So September is coming, very very soon and with it brings, of course, a whole new year of packing lunches. I know we are a bit later at starting school than a lot of places (my kids don’t start till the 6th) but these are good suggestions for inspiration for all year long too. Some are “paleo cookbooks”, some are “vegan cookbooks” and some are just regular old generic cookbooks cause I don’t like to discriminate against any set diet and we’ve tried them all! I’ve also added a few of my favorite blogs to get wonderful recipes and inspiration too. So here we go…

Beating the Lunchbox Blues~By J.M. Hirsch  (foreword by Rachael Ray) I’ve had this one for a couple years and it never fails to get my creative juices flowing when it comes to lunches. And it isn’t even a “cookbook” really, it’s a book full of ideas “Because when it comes to lunch, nobody has time to break out a recipe to bang out a brown bag special. Busy people need lunch ideas. Lots of them.”

Best books and blogs for school lunches
Yum Yum! Just looking at these books makes me hungry!


Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go ~By Diana Rodgers Even though our family isn’t paleo, we still love a lot of “paleo” recipes like Coconut crepes with warm spiced apples, “cheesy” kale chips and Indian-spiced roasted winter squash.

100 Days of Real Food ~by Lisa Leake I love Lisa’s real food recipes and her advice on packing real food lunches and also real food for camping and road trips. Always inspired by Lisa to keep food “real”.

The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making ~ By Alana Chernila I love this book not only for the delicious recipes (homemade poptarts? Hello?) but also for all the personal stories Alana shares with each recipe.

Oh She Glows blog– I actually shared the Oh she glows cookbook in a past post called My top 5 favorite cookbooks but I know Angela’s website is worth mention as well. So much good stuff. So many yummy recipes. She also 0has a new cookbook coming out soon!

Betty Crocker’s Best of Baking  This is an older classic that we’ve had for a long time. My go-to for most cookies and bars and brownies, Yum. Contrary to what you might think, this book isn’t all about sweets though, it also has many savory dishes to enjoy too. Some of our favorites have been Triple cheese pesto pita pizzas, the Black bean lasagna, and Pizza Casserole!

One Hundred Dollars a Month ~ Mavis Butterfield shares her best recipes and tips for meals and saving money on groceries and gardening. I’ve learned a lot from Mavis over the years, maybe you can too?!

Plant-Powered Families ~  By Dreena Burton. Again, lots of excellent lunch and after school snack yummy healthy recipes like Apple Nachos supreme, Simple Soup, and nut- free brownies (I’m always on the lookout for nut-free recipes as at least 2 out of 3 of my kids’ schools are nut free/nut aware.)


Did you catch that last bit? That 2 out of 3 of my kids schools etc? Yes, you read that right all 3 of my kids are in different schools this year, one in high school, one in middle school and one left in elementary. It’s going to be a bit crazy but I think it’ll be fun.

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8 Best books and blogs for inspired school lunches


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