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About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Sam and I am a total homebody and….. I also like to travel!  

I am also a wife to a sweet and funny husband and a mom to 3 amazing kids.

Here’s a bit of history about me:

I grew up in a beautiful small Canadian town, nestled beside a gorgeous glacier-fed lake, surrounded by mountains. Although my family was far from well-off, we were lucky enough to be able to experience many fun activities in our amazing 4 seasons town. From boating, waterskiing, and camping in the summer, to downhill and cross-country skiing, playing hockey and snowmobiling in winter. In spring there were days filled with hiking, biking, and fishing and then in fall, we were ATVing, more fishing and hiking. I had a pretty active childhood full of freedom to be a kid.

Being the eldest of 4 kids, I had done a lot of babysitting in my teenage years and it was during those years of teenage freedom and reading books filled with adventures that I caught the travel bug and decided that I would pair that with my mad babysitting skills to become an Au Pair in Switzerland. (Not sure what an Au Pair is? Click on this link to give you a definition)

During that wonderful year of Au Pairing in Switzerland, I saved my money and did some traveling around that tiny beautiful country (Geneva, Lausanne, Nyon, Interlaken, Zurich, and Verbier). I also did some traveling both on my own and with friends to Paris, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Bristol and even Tunisia (although that one was a “work trip” with my host family. Babysitting at Club Med in Tunisia? Yes please!)

After that big adventure where I was continually asked questions about all different parts of Canada, I decided to go back home and do some more exploring in my own big, beautiful, Canadian, backyard. I had never been east of Calgary, Alberta!  But lo and behold, life had other plans for me!

History of our family:

In 2002, when my husband and I were only 21, we were gifted the biggest adventure, parenthood! Our dear eldest daughter Nyla came along followed, 2.5 years later, by her sister Cadence and then a little brother, Gabe 2.5 years after that!

Life was humming along at a nice pace when all of a sudden it was 2008 and the big recession happened. We were living in a large log house (which needed lots of repairs!) and our kids were 6, 3.5 and 1. My hubby and I were constantly stressed about money and the mortgage etc and not able to enjoy life and adventures with our kids.

About that time, I came across a few books about homesteading and living simply and we decided that was more the type of life we saw for ourselves and for our kids.

It took a couple of years, but we sold the big elephant  log house, moved into a travel trailer for the summer, and proceeded to search for our “dream property”

History of our homestead:

In the fall of 2013, we moved into our current home with its 1 acre of mostly flat land (a near miracle in our part of the world!) and have slowly been turning this blank slate of a property into our little homestead.

We started with the garden, added some chickens, then some ducks, and are always working on different homestead skills and projects. Some of our favorites are learning new ways of preserving and enjoying the harvest, building fences, raising chicks, making our own home cleaning supplies, and of course raising our little brood of kids.

Kids love learning about chicks and animals on the homestead.
Chicks and kids are so cute together, don’t you think?

We love homesteading and I love anything to do with being at home, but I still have that old pesky travel bug! My husband grew up camping and doing a lot of the same kinds of things I did, so we both enjoy taking our kids on road trips to explore our gorgeous country. Someday soon, we hope to cross some borders and do some more international travel as well (my bucket lists are getting pretty epic!).

Check out the post about how my kids and I went on an epic adventure in Alberta!
Kids and I went on an epic adventure in Alberta!

About this blog:

This happens to be my third blog. My first was purely a family blog to share some of our goings on with relatives and friends from far away.

The second didn’t last long and now we have my baby here at Just Dabbling Along.

Dabbling is a place I hope to inspire you and encourage you! Through sharing our trials and tribulations and sharing info related to homesteading (and everything that entails) and traveling (whether that is done solo, with hubby and/or with kids).


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