The Big List of Awesome Homesteading Blogs

The Big List of Awesome Homesteading Blogs

I believe homesteading is really a community activity and to be a better homesteader myself, I need to learn from other people who have been there before and know what they are doing. In the spirit of community, I wanted to share with you today some of my favorite homesteading blogs.

Some of these homesteaders have acres and acres of land, some have just a small backyard garden and homestead but, what really ties them all together, is the spirit of do-it-yourself, self-reliant, never stop learning, can-do attitude!

Awesome Homesteading Blogs…

(each blog title has a link so if you want to head over and check a blog out, just click on the name of the blog and poof, like magic, you will be there!)

~ Reformation Acres

As a first generation homesteader Quinn has experienced many of the same challenges, fears, dreams, disappointments, triumphs, and failures that you have every single day. Her mission is to encourage and support you as you follow your homestead dream today regardless of what circumstances you’re in and what obstacles are in your path. Homesteading isn’t where you live. It’s how you live. If you are taking an active role in your food production, you are a homesteader.

~The Fewell Homestead

Amy is a writer, photographer, blogger, and homemaker living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with my family. Together, we live a simplistic lifestyle on our small homestead, where we raise small livestock, grow our own garden, live a holistic lifestyle with herbs, and believe that getting dirt under your nails is mandatory in life.

~Joybilee Farm

Joybilee Farm helps DIYers garden, cook, and create with herbs and other natural materials, nurturing their ♥Self-Reliance ♥DIY Confidence and ♥Fearless JOY.

~The Elliot Homestead

Written by Shaye Elliott- This site encompasses so many of the things that I desperately love – my bearded husband Stuart, our quiver of children, and life on the farm.

~Family Food Garden

I’m Isis Loran, creator of the Family Food Garden. I’ve been gardening for over 8 years now and push the limits of our zone 5 climate. I love growing heirlooms & experimenting with hundreds of varieties, season extending, crunchy homesteading and permaculture. My goal is to try and get the maximum from our food garden and I created this site so that thousands of people could do the same.

~The Llewellyn Homestead

Projects, homemade body care products, homesteading projects and lots of other good stuff!

~Tenth Acre Farm

Here on the Tenth Acre Farm website, I share the tips I’ve learned from my experiences of developing my own property into a micro-farm, leading the development of a hillside community food forest, and offering garden consultation to local clients. I also share easy lessons in permaculture design that will help you grow food efficiently with ecological integrity.


Homestead Honey is a space for inspiration, resources, and information.  I share our off-grid homesteading, homeschooling life in hopes that others might be inspired to live their own homestead dream. I celebrate the many joys, and also share the real-life trials of homesteading.

~Thrifty Homesteader-

Thrifty Homesteader is about creating a more sustainable life, but what exactly does that mean? It means making choices that will make you healthier, save money, and save the planet. Living greener is not about deprivation or spending a small fortune. When something is sustainable, that means it can go on — or sustain itself.

~Little House Living-

From Merissa- Here on Little House Living, you can learn how to make the most with what you have. Whether that’s learning how to cook from scratch, checking out creative ways to save money, and learn how to live simply. I hope my site inspires you to make the most of everything you have, and even though we might not always be in the best situation we can try and make the best of it!

~The Prairie Homestead

I’m Jill Winger, creator of The Prairie Homestead. If you’ve ever felt the pull to opt out of the rat race and return to your roots, this is the place for you. Consider me your personal guide on this modern homesteading journey– it won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. Whether your goal is simply cooking good food from-scratch or raising your first chickens, you can expect to find handy tutorials, tried-and-true recipes, and practical inspiration right here.

~Common Sense Home-

Common Sense Home is about using sound judgment to be more self-reliant. It means doing what you can, where you are, with what you have. Being self-reliant isn’t about trying to tackle everything on your own, it’s about building community and helping out each other. We look forward to growing and learning with you!

~Weed ’em and Reap

We deliver farm fresh insights & inspiration to urban farmers, home cooks, avid gardeners, & anybody who wants to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

~Homesteading Family

Josh and Carolyn both grew up with a love of the country life, good food and watching things grow.
Their first tiny garden together started on a balcony in a city apartment 15 years ago and has grown along with their family to producing over 75% of their needs. Now on 40 acres in North Idaho, they raise all of their own meat, 90% of their dairy products and 75% of their fruit and veggies…all done naturally while being stewards of the land and caring for a family of 10!
This passion for country living, good eating, and nurturing life has grown into a passion for sharing the journey and lessons learned with others. It is their desire to be a blessing and encouragement to others seeking the beauty and abundance of a healthy homesteading life!

~The 104 Homestead

My name is Jessica Lane. I live with my husband and three children on a 1/4 acre backyard homestead in Maine. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, ducks, chickens, and quail, and we grow as much of our food as we are able. What we can’t grow or produce for ourselves we try to barter with other homesteaders for. If we can homestead where we live, what’s stopping you?

~Attainable Sustainable

The whole idea behind this site it that sustainability at some level is within our reach. Sure, we’ll all still have to buy things at the grocery store. And maybe some aspects of living a more self-reliant lifestyle just aren’t your cup of tea. But look around your home or your office. There’s so much room for improvement. And that’s what brought me here. I’m still on the path toward better self-reliance myself, but I’ve been on that path long enough that I’ve got knowledge to share.

~ The Nature Life Project

The Nature Life Project is a blog about reconnecting with nature in our modern world and is for anyone who is striving to live a more natural, holistic lifestyle.  I will teach you how to grow a healthy, organic garden that will feed and heal your family.

You’ll learn time-tested gardening tips and techniques, and how to use the plants you grow in home cooked meals and  natural remedies.  I believe a better life starts in the garden.

~ Finding the Farm

Kayla says, “So what is my dream?  It all revolves around my family.  Above all else, I want to be a stay at home mom.  It would make me so happy if I could share each day with my baby girl and show her all of the magical things in the world.  I want to teach her how much hard work it takes to nurture a garden and reap a bountiful harvest.  I want to raise animals and teach my daughter compassion.  Finding the farm is truly my goal.”

Just Dabbling Along! (You didn’t think I would make a list of awesome homesteading blogs and not include my own did you?!?)

I hope you have all enjoyed this list of awesome homestead blogs. I’m sure I am missing some so I will be adding to this list and if you know of one (or two or five….), please share with us in the comments which homesteading blogs YOU think are awesome.

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I believe homesteading is really a community activity and to be a better homesteader myself, I need to learn from other people who have been there before and know what they are doing. In the spirit of community, I wanted to share with you today some of my favorite homesteading blogs.

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