Blizzard of 2017 – In Pictures

Blizzard of 2017 – In Pictures

Whew! What a week! Last week we were hit by a couple of good storms which culminated in our receiving heavy snowfall warnings for a few of the days, one true snow day for our kids’ schools, and another partial snow day because the buses ended up not running at all. Not that my kids minded having a 2 day school week! (Friday was a pro-d day anyways).

I am so glad that being prepared for emergencies was a project of mine for awhile as we were dealing with, not only massive amounts of snow and school closures but also power outages and potential food scarcity in our grocery stores. I will be addressing these emergency preparations later this week but today I’m just sharing a photo montage of our week.


Pictures of the blizzard of '17
Wind blowing the snow around and burying our car.
Some pictures of our blizzard.
There is a trampoline under that pile of snow!
Blizzard of 2017
Gabe and Stella enjoying the snowy day…

Blizzard of 2017
Only a side mirror left visible on our car!
That’s a lot of snow!
Enjoying the snow during our blizzard.
Yep that’s me, sunk up to my waist in snow! What a crazy week.
Power out? Let’s do some puzzles and some coloring.
Blizzard of '17
Gabe had fun “harvesting” icicles from the roof.
Aftermath of the storm of 2017
Power is out but good thing we have our woodstove to keep us warm and to dry all our outdoor gear.
What to do with a massive pile of fresh snow? Play king of the hill of course!


What to do when the powers out during a blizzard...
What’s a Canadian girl to do when the power goes out in the winter? Cozy up by the woodstove with a bowl of homemade chili, a head lamp, and some markers and coloring books.
shovelling off the roof after the blizzard of '17
Snow coming off the roof from hubby and kids shovelling.
Now the pile is so big we can barely see out the window!!
Pat and Cady and Gabe shoveling off our roof.
Gotta make sure those roofs are all shoveled off.

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