Confession…Sometimes our creative ideas don’t quite go as planned!

Confession…Sometimes our creative ideas don’t quite go as planned!

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes, trying something creative in my home doesn’t quite work out they way I planned it. Gasp! And yes I’m going to share my little failure on my blog. Say what?!

Last year, just before Christmas I had an idea to cover an entire wall in thrifted vintage music papers. The wall was an accent wall that had a big blank spot in the middle where a mirror was previously painted around and which I took down. As I said it was just before Christmas and therefore my “design budget” was really low (as in non-existent!) so I decided to get creative.

So here we have the original finished product sometime around December 25.

Xmas master bedroom

And here we are with the same wall now

Master bedroom mini fix up fail


I’m not sure if it was the combination of using a warm glue gun to stick the pages on and our ceiling fan running constantly for the last couple months. Obviously, it’s not working.

I started slowly pulling pages off when my hubby said he wasn’t sleeping very well due to the sounds the falling off paper made all night (a kind of shifting, sighing, swishing sound in a normally very quiet place). The other concern was that the papers would just start falling on his face in the night and startle him awake.

So this is where we currently sit until we (I) decide what color to paint the walls. And you know what? I am ok with that. If something isn’t working, sometimes you just have to let go until inspiration strikes again.

On a high note, Β I readΒ this bookΒ in a few sittings and am totally inspired to declutter and dejunk our house once and for all!

How about you? Any decorating “failures” lately? Don’t be shy! Share in the comments, we can commiserate together πŸ˜‰

Have any of you read Marie Kondo’s inspiring little book and trying the Konmari method?

You can check out more of my process and before and afters HERE.

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