Currently: December 2017

Currently: December 2017

Lighting~ Our house. We are working on decorating a bit this Christmas but it’s also a bit weird as we are planning to be away this year.

Spending~ Time with each other. December is such a busy month with parties and concerts and all the things that we are trying to spend as much time as we can doing fun stuff together.

Choosing~ Activities to enjoy on our trip. The small bit of gifts we are giving the kids as the majority of their gift will be going this little family vacay and fun activities we plan to do there.

Sending~ Ourselves! ha ha as I mentioned above we are heading away for the holidays so trying to get everything ready before we go.

Singing~ All the Christmas carols of course! What else would we be singing?! I love this time of year and love to soak up as much carols as I can. My personal favorites are O Holy Night, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Baby it’s cold outside. What are your favorite carols?

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