Exploring Qualicum Beach and Parksville ~ In Photos

Exploring Qualicum Beach and Parksville ~ In Photos
Qualicum Beach and Parksville are two small cities located on the east coast of beautiful Vancouver Island. Since the two are only about a 5 to 10-minute drive apart, they get lumped together to explore. Our family has been there twice and both times really enjoyed our time there. There is so much to explore! Oh and just to warn you this post is very picture heavy πŸ˜‰
Fun family adventure on Vancouver Island B.C.
On the ferry to Vancouver Island, watching for marine life.
Beautiful Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.
Qualicum Beach just after sunset.
Qualicum Beach
Lots and lots of beach.
Looks like that beach goes on forever!
Looks like that beach goes on forever!
Fun fact about Qualicum Beach:Β The S.S. Minnow of Gilligan’s Island fame (kids, ask your parents) is owned by the men who own Quality Foods and live in Qualicum Beach!
Gotta have some fun!
Riptide Lagoon is fun for all ages, just outside Parksville on Vancouver Island B.C.
Fun little fact about our family. This was the first time we had all gone mini golfing!
Silliness abounds when our family goes mini golfing on Vancouver Island.
She climbed up there all by herself!
What to do for fun near Parksville? Go mini golfing!
That truck looks like it’s out of the Flintstones or something! Those kids are sure cute though…
Exploring the Old Country Market in neary Coombs. Vancouver Island
Do you see the goat on the roof?!

The gorgeous Rathtrevor beach Provincial Park just outside Parksville.

Gorgeous Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park is just outside Parksville.
Sand for miles when the tide goes out!
More of Rathtrevor Park
This huge stump was so much fun for the kids to climb on!
Searching for crabs when the tide is out at Rathtrevor beach.
On the hunt for crabs.
Rathtrevor Provincial Park. Vancouver Island B.C.
Bingo! Got some…
crab hunting on the beach on Vancouver Island.
You gotta look very closely….
What kid doesn't love to build sandcastles on the beach?
Of course one has to attempt a sandcastle on the beach, even if it is a wee bit chilly.
Exploring Rathtrevor.
There’s that gorgeous gnarly stump again… Looks a little windy up there.
Exploring Rathtrevor stump.
Unfortunately, Nyla was too cool to climb the stump, would’ve been a neat picture with all three kids.

Exploring Rathtrevor beach Vancouver Island B.C.

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