Friday Favorites

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Friday favorites is where I share my favorite blog, websites and/or quote finds of this past week that I would love to share with y’all.

And so starts the season of fall Home Tours! I love home tours and I especially love them in the fall and at Christmas time. So the other day I was toodling (it’s a word, trust me) around instagram when I discovered the awesomeness that is Chris loves Julia. Now maybe you are way ahead of me and have loved them forever, but I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across their blog before. Anyways, I am still stalking checking out their blog, but my most favorite part so far is their Fall 2016 Video House Tour.

Fall 2016 Video House Tour! | Chris Loves Julia

If you like house tours like me, you have to check it out. My favorite part is the kitchen/pantry/laundry room. I’m so jealous and inspired at the same time.

If you are looking for a quick fall update for your own home, might I suggest some inexpensive artwork? I just discovered this really cool website full of beautiful artwork that you can print right at home! It is called Dream Big Printables and right now they have a HUGE sale going on, I’m talking 98% off sale!

Printable Art Mega Pack

And if you think just printing off some artwork is too easy or maybe you just like making stuff with your own two hands, might I suggest checking out Brit & Co.? Classes like Learn How To Make Custom Prints On Paper Goods (For Under $20)  or  Intro To Acrylic Painting Online Class (Just $19.99) or you can even learn to brew your own beer! Brew-It-Yourself With Our New Online Class (Only $19.99). Anyways there is a ton of really cool classes on so many different things, check it out for yourself! You can either click one of the links above or click on my buttons on the right sidebar to take you right there and start learning and creating!

This last week or two has been a lot about back to school and you know I love some good organizing inspiration so here is one of my faves that combine the two at Sunny Side Up.

Operation-Organization-Collage-Day 2

Remember last week when I shared my favorite inspirations for school lunches and one of them was 100 days of Real Food? Well Lisa just posted her School Lunch roundup 9!

School Lunch Roundup on 100 Days of Real Food

Hope you enjoyed this edition of my Friday Favorites. You can check out past Friday Favorites HERE or HERE. And let me know if you end up taking one of those classes from Brit and Co. I would love to see what you are all making/learning/doing.

Have a great weekend!


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