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Hi! I can’t believe it’s Friday already! This week zoomed by with nary a post from me….but there are some fun things in the works for the next couple weeks so stay tuned! Oh and some of these favorites do have affiliate links, just wanted to keep it real y’know.

I love this office! I can’t remember how I found Addison’s instagram but I did and the other day I decided to check out her website and oh my gosh! I love her style!! Fun, colorful, super pretty and totally energetic but homey at the same time. I am so inspired! Her and her husband just sold and moved out of this place, but I can’t wait to see what they do with their historic wonderland.


Colorful Chic Home Office 20L
Source: Addison’s Wonderland

Busy Moms and Dads “(and really anyone), I have found a solution to busy weekday meals! Have you heard of once a month cooking? Basically, you shop, prep and cook enough meals in one day to put in the freezer for a month of pre-cooked/pre-assembled meals. I am going to try this out because honestly I am sick of getting home from soccer or Tae Kwon Do and everyone starving and having pre made, store bought crap or fast food or eating out. Not good on the old budget and the old waistline…

Source: Once a month meals

Guess what is coming in a little over a month…. Halloween!!!!!! I LOVE Halloween. Always have. And not just for the candy (because who doesn’t like some form of candy?!?!) I love dressing up. I really do. So, I found a cool place to get some costumes and costume ideas. And look! You could make a mask of just about anyone’s face! That could be fun, or weird? Anyways, check it out if you want.

Source: Halloween

Fall is generally a time when lots of home bloggers do a love Fall Home Tour (I am working on one right now!) but what I love about this tour is its realness. I actually did a messy house tour several years ago when my kids were a lot younger and I still love going back and looking at life back then. Anyways, love how real Katie is and how courageous to share her “imperfect” house with her “Messy wonderful house tour”


Messy House Tour - Bower Power

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to soccer games and a birthday party and we are getting a start on firewood….

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