On this page you will find our posts about the animals on our little homestead. All the animals have a job, be it protection, food production, manure production, rodent control or cuddle master. They all take their jobs very seriously.

3 week old chicks
Our Chicks, a 3 week ย update
Izzy had Kittens!
chicks 7 week update
Our chicks 7 week update and some pics of the garden
We have ducks!
Our newest addition- Ducks!
Cutest little kitten! A new mouser on the farm
Our New Kitten – Meet Isabelle
Izzy had Kittens


Newest Kitty Lovino
Newest Kitty Lovino


Get to know the Animals that share our world.
Get to know the Animals that share our world.
The Homestead dog ~ Stella
Get to know our Homestead dog~Stella



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