In the garden June 5 and a little 7 week chick update

In the garden June 5 and a little 7 week chick update

Hello again!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I’m sorry to be so absent recently. Hubby and I went on a little trip and it was a little chaotic organizing where everyone else was going to be, to say the least.

But, here we are and you want to see my garden! I took these pictures the other day and it was a morning after a couple of days of rain. It was just warming up again (it has been super hot here already!) so there was a lot of moisture in the air and I have to say I just love these pictures.

That one is a view from my window by my desk looking out to the garden.

things are looking a bit grown over already (this was just after I got back and hadn’t done any trimming or weeding yet.)IMG_6000 IMG_6001 IMG_6002

To the back of the picture you can see our little chicken coop…

and peeking in the little window…
IMG_6003Here’s some of the chickens. To be honest I’m not sure what kind they are, they came as a “heritage mix” so anyone who knows what kinds they are, feel free to share that info in the comments!


Just struttin’ out for the day…


Want to see those guys when they were only 3 weeks old? Check that out HERE.

Update we now have ducks too!

This is taken with my back to the coop…IMG_6011 Strawberries are so close to being ready!IMG_6012 IMG_6013

I love this last picture, as I stepped out of my house, this mountain was wreathed in fog and when I went back in, the foggy mist was just burning off.
IMG_6014How are your gardens looking? Is most of the green, weeds like mine? πŸ˜‰

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