In the Garden~July 2016


How are those gardens looking? Mine is looking quite……green! Well with a sprinkling of color from those little nasturtiums. There are quite a few yummy edible plants (peas, kale, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and a few more I can’t remember right now!) BUT there are a lot of weeds too. *sigh*


I tried doing a panoramic shot with my phone (which is a Samsung Galaxy S7 btw and I love the camera on this thing!)

Haha it looks kind of funny. Oh well moving on…

I’m not sure what has been nibbling on my kale, whether it is some sort of bug infestation or one of the chickens getting in there and having a nibble. There are one or two that are sneaky like that.

We have had a lot of rain this July (which is sort of unusual) so everything looks so green and our weeds and grass are huge!

I can’t remember what that plant is above, but it has huge gorgeous leaves! Guess I have to wait for it to fruit before I find out what the heck it is! Or does anyone know just by looking at the leaves?? Let me know if you do, pretty please?!

Carrots are looking gorgeous, I picked some last night and they were delicious!

Β And last, but not least,Β my pathetic pole beans, looking tiny and pathetic πŸ™

I have to admit, after all the fire I had to work in the garden in June and May, this month has been sadly lacking. Hence all the weeds. Does anyone else feel like that about your garden in July? Kind of over the whole planting thing and then not quite into harvest season so it kind of gets neglected.

Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts and anyone who wants to share a link about your own gardens, please feel free to in the comments. Let’s share!

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