Introducing Lovino – the new(ish) kitty on our homestead.

Introducing Lovino – the new(ish) kitty on our homestead.

If you’ve been around here very long, you may be wondering, “is this a cat homestead?” Honestly, sometimes I wonder that myself! Just last week I told you about our cat Izzy having kittens and now I’m sharing another “new” cat? Here, let me explain a few things.

First off, this post has been sitting in my draft folder for awhile. Oops!

Second, we got little Lovino (eldest daughter named him after one of her favorite anime characters) way back in January or February, long before miss Izzy ended up pregnant.

He is such a sweetheart this not-so-little anymore bundle of orange fur. In fact, I think he is now bigger than our eldest cat, Midnight! And he loves me and wants to snuggle me the most, so he has in fact solidified his place in my heart, even though “technically” he is our eldest daughters cat.

Yes, that is me above, having a little “cat nap” with my buddy. He is the snuggliest cat I have ever met. He especially loves to come in when I am at the computer and plop himself on my chest or shoulder.


Thankfully, he also gets along with all the other cats. Although he does forget, sometimes, how much bigger he is compared to Izzy’s kittens.


Lovino the lovey kitty wanting to make friends.
Midnight is his idol and he looks up to him like a big brother.

Our new(ish) kitty


Awwww! Isn’t he so sweet?!!

Thanks for checking in and hope you enjoyed our sweet kitty pictures.

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