May Garden 2016

So, this is our third year on our property and therefore the third year of our gardens life. You can check out last years garden HERE and the first year HERE. Every year it gets better and better and every year I tell myself I am going to stay on top of the weed situation (like most gardeners do!) This year I’ve been trying something a little different and using covers BEFORE the growing season starts in order to kill any weeds before they grow. And you know what? It is (mostly) working, yippee!


Every year we add organic matter (mostly in the form of horse manure as that is most plentiful around here). Our soil is mostly sandy and rocky with a few veins of clay running through here and there. This year we are trying a whole new layout with these long rows of raised beds. This winter I read The Market Gardener and was inspired to try some of the methods outlined in the book like, never leaving exposed ground uncovered in some way, hence the tarp in the photo above.


In the photo below I am standing in front of the freezer (big white box) in the photo above. As you can see, we hadn’t quite finished tilling (although I hope to not have to use the tiller at all by next year!)


So there you go, a little peek into our garden so far this year. Below are some links to the past couple of years garden photos.

August 2014 and 2015

June 2015 Garden

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