My Online Income Report October 2016

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Hello and welcome to my October Online Income Report. Before September, I had never done an online income report before. You know why? Because I never had an income to report before! (You can check out my first income report right here!)

To be honest I feel kind of funny sharing this with the world. I was brought up that money, and especially income earned, was private.

Online Income and Traffic Report October 2016

BUT, one of the main reasons I started to want to make an income on my blog, was because I saw and read other peoples’ reports and I was inspired! I think the first one I read was one of Rosemarie’s  (The Busy Budgeter) and that was way back in March or April. I believe it was through Rosemarie’s blog that I found Michelle’s blog (Making Sense of Cents). You should check out both those ladies blogs, they are an amazing source of information and inspiration.

Anyways, after checking in on both blogs for a few months, I hit the jackpot when I found out Michelle was launching a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I took the course and learned so much and started implementing right away and guess what? It worked! After a few months of “monetizing” my blog, it was finally making a (tiny!) income. I was thrilled!

So, how and where have I started to make an income? Through affiliate marketing of course! The other big difference was making the change from a site to a site hosted by Bluehost. (If you want to know how to start a blog, check out my page here)

Ok so, onto the nitty gritty, here’s the breakdown:


Bluehost ~$65

Dream Big Printables ~ $0

Share a sale affiliates $5.89 ~ $0

Grand total = $70.89 woohoo! More than doubled last month!

Now, I realize that income is not huge and exciting, but it is exciting to me! After 7 (!) years of blogging for fun, I made a little bit for my efforts these last few months. And I have plans, big plans to make this little blog of mine grow and grow. I don’t know if I will ever get to the amazing results that Rosemarie ($24,347.68 in August) and Michelle ($ 102,911.00 in September!) get, but they sure are inspiring! If you are interested in learning more about making some $ online I totally recommend taking Michelle’s course.

On to site stats,

My blog did have increased site views, up to 303 for the month of October from 138 in September.Sweetness.

My Pinterest followers increased again, going up to 421 from 315. I attribute this to some strategies I put into place after taking both Michelle’s course and learning Rosemarie’s Pinterest Strategy.

My Facebook page saw some minor increased views as well and I attribute those to another book I read called Strategies worth sharing by Brittany Ann (Equipping Godly Women)

My Instagram followers have definitely increased from 24 in September to 73 in October. ?

I hope you have enjoyed my second Online Income Report. If you want to see my first report you can check that out here.

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments or join me on my social medias!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them, my blog may get compensated, but at no extra cost to you. I promise that we are only affiliated with programs and products which we have personally tried and tested and believe to be great.  Thanks for supporting our homestead dreams!

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