October Blog Ahead Challenge ~ 2017

October Blog Ahead Challenge ~ 2017

Hi there lovelies!

As you may have noticed, September was a little crazy around here hence the supreme lack of posts. Since November, December and January tend to be much the same, I decided to challenge myself and do a Blog ahead challenge. Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup had just the challenge I was looking for!

Here’s a little rundown of what this challenge is all about:

The GOAL? Up your number of scheduled posts by 31 in one month

Any completed and scheduled posts counts.The catch? The posts must be dated November 1st or later. They cannot go live in October and count towards the event.


On Oct 1– you have 1 scheduled post.

On Oct 31–  you have 31 scheduled posts.

I promise you that even though things have been quiet around here, I have been planning and plotting some fun new ideas coming up and to keep myself accountable, I’m going to list right here what posts I write each day this October and then when they go live I will add those links. Sound like fun? Alright, here goes:

October Challenge

  1. Simple, Frugal and Easy Holiday Homestead Decorating Ideas

2. I am being featured!

3. Overcoming Failures on the Homestead

4. Simple Outdoor Family Fun Around The Homestead this Christmas

5. How to Have a Fun Old-Fashioned Christmas Around The Homestead

6. Why Baking is Good For the Soul and 3 Quick and Easy Holiday Treats the Whole Family will love!

7. Crafty Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun

8. Homemade Edible Gifts From the Homestead

9. Create Holiday Homestead Family Traditions

10. Creamy Apples and Squash Soup

11. Holiday Gift Guide – Homestead Edition

12. Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas



15. Travel Bucket List ~South America

16. Travel Bucket List ~ Asia

17. Currently~December 2017






23. How to Throw a Fun Christmas Party on a Homesteader Budget

24. 8 Tips for Winter Travel to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy





29. Remembrance Day 2017



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