Sam’s Sunday Favorites ~ April

Sam’s Sunday Favorites ~ April

Do you love hearing or reading about what kinds of things other people are loving right now?

Me too!

I used to do a Friday favorites post but, that only included favorite websites and blogs. I wanted to expand it to include current favorite books, movies, cookbooks/recipes, farm/garden tours, quotes as well as my current favorite Blogs/websites/youtube channels.

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I get asked quite often about my favorite books, or what I am currently reading, as anyone who knows me knows I love to read!

Favorite Books:

I’ve been on a Self-Help kick lately when it comes to books (do you do that too? Get stuck in one genre of book for awhile? or do you always mix it up?) Anyways, these are my current faves:

  1. Lessons from Madame Chic 20 stylish secrets I learned while living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott ~ I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that, this book has recently changed my life! It was exactly what I needed to read at this point of my life. After years of not taking proper care of myself and putting everyone else first, I have finally started to change that, because of this book.
  2. At home with Madame Chic Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life By Jennifer L. Scott ~ This is the second book of 3, written by Ms. Scott, and I have to say it was just as good as the first (above). Both are uplifting and beautifully written and such a joy to sit down and read through. You better believe I’ll be making the 3rd book (Polish your Poise with Madame Chic)  a part of my life as well!
  3. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins ~ This is the first Tony Robbins book I have read, and honestly, I am still working my way through it (it’s a big book!) but it is soooo motivating!
  4. The Little Book of Hygge the Danish way to live well by Meik Wiking ~ A fun little book, I really enjoyed reading it. I had picked it up after hearing lots of hype about the “Hygge movement” and really thought it pertained well to my life living in Canada and how to make the best of wintertime.

Favorite Quote

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”   ~ C.S. Lewis

Favorite Blogs/ Websites/ Youtube channels:

I have to admit, my favorite blogs, websites and Youtube channels is pretty eclectic, but at least it makes me well-rounded, right?

  • Clean my Space – OK is anyone else really into watching cleaning videos right now? I think the spring cleaning bug has really hit me! I am really enjoying Melissa Makers 3 wave process.
  • Appalachia’s Homestead ~ Patara is so wonderfully passionate about everything homesteading!
  • The Daily Connoisseur – Jennifer L Scott (also known as Madame Chic). As you see above Ms. Scott has written several books on the art of loving chic. On her channel, you will find tips on the ten-item wardrobe, etiquette, recipes etc.
  • Thriving on Plants – one last Youtube channel I love is Thriving on Plants. This is a vegan cooking channel and although I’m not vegan, I love watching her cook! Every time I watch one of these videos I instantly want to go make something in the kitchen! Lots of smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes and the presentation of each meal is just gorgeous. Check one out here:
  • Making Sense of Cents – This is a website I have mentioned before in my income reports and I just have to mention it again because I admire Michelle so much, not just for her amazing success as a blogger, but also for living her dreams (which includes living in an RV full-time with her hubby and dogs, and traveling all around the USA!) and her extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing that she shares with the world through her online course –Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (you can read my review of her course here).


Favorite Boardgames:

I love board games, I always have! I have very fond memories of epic battles of Monopoly with one childhood friend. I also remember being very jealous of another friends’ familys epic collection of boardgames and her and I battling it out playing Taboo and Trouble. These days we have a weekly potluck gathering with friends where we eat good food and then usually play some sort of board/card game.

  • The Settlers of Catan – This is the game we play most weeks at our potluck and let me tell you, we have had some HUGE boards. We have made some for up to 12 people to play at one time! The original game has enough to play with, up to, 4 players but the great thing with Settlers is you can expand and expand. You can combine 2 starter packs together or you can purchase expansion packs for the original game. You can also get expansion packs that change the original game a little bit, for example, there is Cities & Knights, Seafarers, Traders & Barbarians, and Explorers & Pirates. Although we usually play with other adults, we have played Settlers of Catan with just our family with kids as young as 8 and they enjoy it too. It does take some strategizing and planning, but it is loads of fun. It continues to be challenging even after we have played it hundreds of times.
  • Ticket to Ride- Europe – This is a new favorite which we received this last Christmas. You can play with up to 5 players (which is perfect for our family of five!) and is enjoyable for everyone ages 9 to 90. You also learn a bit of geography and strategy (great for those who homeschool!). It is also a fairly quick game that moves fast so you don’t have to commit endless hours to play a board game, unlike those epic, 2-day, battles of Monopoly of my youth.


Thank you for stopping in and checking in on some of my favorites and I hope that some of them end up being your favorites some day soon.

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Have a great day!

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