Thoughts on June…

June is such a busy month, isn’t it?

From school winding down and endless field trips and fun days. The garden is really ramping up and going into full production mode (especially the weeds ugh). The days are nice and long so you feel like you want to cram more and more in. It’s exhausting and I for one can’t wait till it’s over.

We are in the final week of school and our kids are just done, done getting up on gorgeous days to race off to the bus, done going to bed early when there is still so much daylight to play. Β My little guy keeps asking me “But it’s summer time, why do I have to go to school?”

I agree πŸ™‚

We’ll be enjoying summer break by this weekend though when it is supposed to get up to 38 (that’s about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) Β so anyone out there who still believe all us Canadians live in igloos all year round let that be a lesson to you πŸ˜‰

I think I’m gonna go sleep in my tent πŸ™‚

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