Weddings and travels and ramblings

Weddings and travels and ramblings

Whew! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind! I love summer and I love summer weddings and we were very lucky to be a part of two very special weddings the last couple weeks.

The first one was one of my dear cousins (I have a lot of cousins) and she lives a mere 14 to 16 hour drive away. Wait what? 14 to 16 HOURS? Yes, hours. And that is each way people. I guess we could have flown (but we really can’t afford it right now) and we love a good road trip anyways. Β So into our little car we piled myself, my three kids, and my sister and off we went on our road trip.

It was so worth the looooong drive (we did it in 2 days) because the wedding was absolutely gorgeous! (Sorry for the terrible pic, I only took a couple of pics because I wanted to watch it all unfold in person and not worry about getting the perfect shot)

Lovely Catholic church ceremony, and a stunning and fun reception.

Look at those cakes! They also had a fun photo booth and a candy bar with one of my new favorite quotes seen below.

Thank you so much Rachel and Tony for including us in your special day!

In amongst all the travel and wedding we did some sight-seeing…..


Gabe learned how to carve out a canoe…..

The kids and I did a tiny bit of shopping (and ended up spending most of our moneyΒ  time at the candy store)….

And swimming in the pool at our lovely hotel.

Thanks Auntie Charlotte for putting up with our travel highs and lows!

Oh! I almost forgot, we also happened to be in town for the annual Pride Parade, and since it went right by our hotel, we went out and watched for a while. Low and behold, who did we see? Deadpool! #deadpool #prideparade



Last weekend we were invited to our dear friends’ wedding and although it was kind of the opposite of the first wedding (20 people vs 100 etc) it was no less stunning and beautiful and fun!

Summer weddings


Summer weddings

The groom made the arbor and the cupcake stands which were gorgeous and rustic. What a handy guy!

Summer weddings


Summer weddings

Gorgeous hand tied bouquets, delicious homemade food, fun dancing with friends, what more can you ask for?

Summer weddings

Thank you Heather and Sam for including us in YOUR special day!

So, that’s what we’ve been up to (as well as a couple of birthdays in between all that!) and now I better get back in my garden and clean up my house cause they have been sorely neglected!

Have a great week!

P.S If you have any questions about hotels we stayed in or would like to know resources, email me at

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