Weekend Getaways for those who Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Weekend Getaways for those who Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Some individuals love to get away for the weekend and simply rest and relax, while others really get a charge from spending time in the great outdoors. If you are one of those who enjoy the great outdoors, then there is sure to be a weekend getaway for you.

Depending on whether or not you are traveling with family, friends, co-workers, or your loved one, a weekend getaway in the great outdoors can be rejuvenating. While some people do not understand this concept, it really is true. You can recharge your batteries by getting some much-needed fresh air and sunshine while partaking in some exciting and adventurous activities.

Depending on what you like, there are many options from which to choose. You can also use this opportunity to try something you have never tried before, such as fishing or even hunting depending on the season.

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and hunting are excellent ways to connect while on a weekend getaway.

While you may be thinking that fishing and hunting are manly man sports – think again. Many women enjoy fishing, especially after their first catch. There is nothing like the feeling of hooking your first fish.

In addition, many people enjoy helping their partner cook up their catch, whether it is from fishing or hunting. Women and men that hunt and fish together have the opportunity to try something new and have a common bonding experience as well.


Hiking is an excellent mini weekend getaway.


Hiking can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Just make sure you choose a trail that is good for your capabilities. Some trails are more level and you can concentrate more on the scenery around you whether that is a lake or surrounding mountains. And some are more “technical” hikes that you really need to concentrate and pay attention to where you put your feet. Both can be very enjoyable in their own ways.


Many people enjoy camping as a weekend getaway.

There is nothing quite as exciting when it comes to outdoor weekend getaways as camping in the woods. There is something so natural about camping that makes you feel alive. Getting that close to nature leaves you with a different perspective on things. Getting away from it all and roughing it makes you grateful and allows you to recognize how those modern conveniences may just be making you a bit soft.

Camping is an opportunity for traditions such as scary ghost stories for your children, s’mores, and stargazing. These are family weekend memories that are irreplaceable.

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Outdoor Retreats

Outdoor retreats are excellent weekend getaways!

Many communities throughout the world offer outdoor retreats in the form of fitness retreats and holistic retreats. Walking, yoga, and meditation done in the great outdoors are a perfect example.

Hundreds of individuals flock every year to the same site in order to connect with nature, and to reconnect with their soul.

There are even some outdoor retreats based on spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer rituals that leave individuals feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and in alignment with their higher selves.

So, if you are up for a weekend adventure, why not try some white water rafting, speed biking, balloon riding, hunting, fishing, or yoga and meditation in the great outdoors.

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