8 Tips for Winter Travel to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

8 Tips for Winter Travel to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy

During winter holidays and school breaks, you and just about everyone else in North America are a lot more likely to be traveling. For vacations, family visits, or whatever your travel plans are, you want to make sure you arrive safe and healthy.

Wash Your Hands

For the health and safety of yourself and everyone around you, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water, and do so often. Often traveling means being cooped up with multiple people for extended periods of time and that means a lot of germ sharing. Washing your hands can significantly decrease your likelihood of getting sick, not to mention not spreading those germs to the people around you.

Bundle Up (especially if you are traveling in winter in Canada!)

When you are out and about during your winter travels, make sure that you are wearing the proper clothing. Protect yourself from harsh winds, snow, and rain. If you are trekking through the woods to pick out the perfect tree, for example, make sure you are wearing the right shoes to keep your feet warm and dry.

Car Safety

If you are driving to your destination, make sure you are following all of the proper car safety guidelines such as wearing seatbelts, etc. For long road trips, make sure to have your oil and other fluids checked. Keep an emergency kit in the event of an accident and always have the phone number for roadside assistance handy.

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Drive Safely

Another part of car safety is, of course, driving safely. Many people, especially those that live in warmer climates that don’t necessitate driving in winter weather, do not know how to maneuver in the event of ice or snow on the roads. Remember to follow traffic rules and give yourself some extra time to get to your destination.

Air Travel

Air travel is pretty notorious for being a source for colds and flu everywhere. Keep your hands washed and away from your face to avoid getting sick. Also consider bringing wipes to clean surfaces within reach and try to keep your distance from anyone that seems like they might be sick. The same rules apply to bus and train travel.


Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated to prevent illness and keep energized. Avoid alcohol and large amounts of caffeine when you can, and focus primarily on water and no sugar added juices.


A good way to prevent the flu is to vaccinate against it. Especially when you are going to be around a lot of people, you owe it to yourself and the people around you to protect yourself against the flu and other preventable illnesses.

Stay Healthy

Eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh produce, getting plenty of vitamins, and staying hydrated on a daily basis are the key to staying healthy year round. A healthy diet, exercise, proper sleeping habits, and hydration are all part of a healthy immune system and can help you prevent illness even during the holidays when germs are ever present.

Keep your holidays merry and bright with these tips for safe and healthy winter travel. No matter where you are going or how you plan to get there, you can arrive safe and sound and avoid getting sick with these tips.

Stay tuned, next week I’m going to tell you all about some of our winter travel plans! Hint: It involves roller coasters and waterslides!

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8 Winter travel tips to keep your family safe and healthy

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