Our new non-wimpy t.v credenza

Our new non-wimpy t.v credenza

Last week I mentioned here that we had helped our poor t.v out with a better resting place. But before we check it out, lets go back and see what the t.v was hanging out on before…

Colorful living room

That was the living room a few short months ago, and it’s all changed again, but for now let’s just talk t.v’s and where they sit. That dresser was ok, it was a dark

That dresser was ok, it was a dark color and it was fairly substantial but the drawers were very challenging to open and as we would wiggle the heck out of the drawers to grab a DVD to watch, the t.v would wobble precariously too. It was also basically the same width of the t.v and so the whole thing just felt “off”. Maybe to no one but me, but the drawers were a serious issue.

To make a long story a bit shorter, my dad came across a credenza and hutch that he was looking to get rid of and I asked him to text me a pic. I instantly fell in love!
A more proportionate t.v credenza

I love it! The two side cupboards have so much space for storage, and the best part is the three center drawers roll out nice and smooth!

A more proportionate t.v credenza

Right now we have our DVD’s and our playdoh bin stored on the left side. Underneath it is the perfect height to slide some baskets and vintage suitcases.

A more proportionate t.v credenza

The right side is all of our gaming gear and some extra movies (ok I just kind of threw everything in there and closed the door) no super duper organizing solutions here πŸ™‚

And in the interest of full disclosure, our living room is looking a little like this…

A more proportionate t.v credenza

Yes, that is a freezer in our living room! We are in the middle of working on building a shed where our big freezer is going to go but for now, it lives in our living room.

I am trying to keep this inspiration picture in mind of what this wall will hopefully eventually look like ish…

LA Bungalow

LA Bungalow~ Emily Henderson

Any questions? concerns? hopes? dreams? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!

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