Thrifty Thursday 3

I kind of took a break from thrifting this summer, I was working more on clearing and decluttering in our home more than anything. We have a pretty small house and over the years we have accumulated a lot of stuff. We still have lots of stuff and I’m still decluttering, but I stopped by my favorite thrift stores last week (when my kids went back to school). I so enjoyed just strolling around looking at everything and so I vowed I would be more intentional about what I bring home with me. Only things I really really love or that serve a purpose in our everyday life are allowed to come home with me.

So on that note, here are the lovelies that come home with me…Β Thifting finds

I just Love the crocheted coverlet, the two books, the small crystal butterfly container and this little brass dish for pocket change.

The basket I think has a pretty weave and will be great for organizing stuff (trying to lower the amount of plastic we have in our house) and the picture frame was only a buck and it’s brand new, still in it’s original package.

Thrifting Finds

So pretty! And perfect storage for a bunch of my earrings!Thrifting Finds

The scrunched up brown thing in the above pictures is this macrame/woven piece which I can’t wait to find some plants for.

Thrifting Finds

So, there you go, my most recent thrifting finds. Do you enjoy thrift shopping? Do you find the best stuff when you have no money to spend? (that happens to me a lot!)


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