5 Ways to Earn Money from Home

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Many people have different reasons for wanting to earn money from home and sometimes those reasons change as we go through different phases of life. In my own experience we have had several different reasons for me to stay at home, but we also needed to earn some extra income (who doesn’t, really?!?) In the first couple of years of our marriage, when our kids were born and were very young, we made the decision for me to stay at home for a couple reasons,

  1. We couldn’t afford daycare. Honestly this was a major reason, we figured out that in our budget, my income would only be going towards daycare and other costs related to working outside the home, therefore it made more sense for me to stay home with the babies.
  2. I really wanted to stay at home anyways, as that had always been a dream of mine, being a stay at home mom.

Now that our kids are older and are in school full time, we had decided on working on building up our own little homestead. Lots of people do this and still work full time outside the home, but for us, this is just working better. I am a total homebody, always have been, so it isn’t a huge hardship for me to work at home and be the full time homesteader.

So, now you are maybe wondering, what have I done all this time in order to earn an income from home? And the answer is….. a bunch of things! At different times I have:

  • Done direct sales (you know the type where you go to parties at someone’s house and sell your merchandise to their friends and family) I did this with a couple different companies before realizing I am not a very good salesperson!
  • I ran a daycare in our home. This is a great thing to do when your kids are really young. I really loved doing the daycare, but found it hard when my own kids were getting older and wanting to take part in after school activities.

5 Ways to Earn Money from Home


  • I have been a Homeshare provider for an adult with disabilities. I have been doing this for the last 3.5 years and it has been wonderful in so many ways. Again this does involve the whole family and it can be challenging at times to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but overall this has been a positive experience.

5 Ways to Earn Money from Home


  • I have written a blog! Now I have to say that so far the  income I earn from blogging hasn’t been a lot, and certainly not at a full-time wage, but it’s fun and fairly easy to do. (check out my page on how to learn how to start your own blog!) and don’t forget to check out my recommendations page for my favorite tools and resources for blogging.

So, what is my current plan to continue working from home? I am currently learning how to be a medical transcriptionist/Healthcare documenter. And how am I doing that? Well, I found this fantastic program through a company called Canscribe Career College. I am currently still working my way through the course (I’m about 1/2 way) and I have to say, so far it has been great! I am able to work on it 100% at home and still do my Homeshare work, work on this blog and take care of my family.

I would also love to get our homestead to a point where we can maybe sell extra produce and products that we have grown or made.  5 Ways to Earn Money from Home

I would love to hear different ways YOU have earned money from home! Feel free to share your experiences either in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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