A Bread Box Update

A Bread Box Update


How are you guys? I’m doing great, we’ve been super busy lately but one little project I’ve been working on is a bread box update. I’ve been on the hunt for a bread box for a little while now (why is it when you aren’t looking for something you see it all the time and then when you are looking for it you don’t see it anywhere?!)  I’ve been tired of having these stacks of bread and bagel bags left all over the counter. Of course, when my kids or hubby (or ok sometimes myself) are looking for some bread they can’t find it so they pull out a fresh loaf and then later find half a perfectly good loaf somewhere else.

Anyways I found this simple, not too big, wooden bread box at a thrift store for $2 and decided to do a fun little update with some paint and a new handle.

Painting & DIY Painting & DIY

Painting and DIY Fusion Mineral Paint

In the pictures above you can see some of the products I used for this little DIY. The only things missing would be a sanding block and a paintbrush. I actually only used just over two of those little tester bottles of paint. The color is called “Champness” and it is Fusion Mineral Paint.

It was super simple to do too! I just lightly sanded the box, gave it a little clean up then I was ready for paint! This wonderful paint goes on thick so it covers really well and it is also self-leveling so no obvious brush strokes showed up. When it dried (I let it sit for 24 hrs just to be safe) I added the cute new hardware I picked up from one of my favorite local stores called Birch and Burlap (coincidentally that is where I bought the paint from too)

Painting and DIY


Painting and DIY

I just love it! For now I’m leaving it as is but I have thought about doing something on that flat front, maybe a stencil? I can’t decide.

Painting and DIY

There’s a better close up of the new hardware. Isn’t it pretty?!

Ok if you have any awesome ideas of what I can do on the front, let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!

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