Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

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Last time I was here I mentioned some changes happening that I was excited about and now we are (almost)done! Since we moved to this place we have wanted to install a wood stove. We had them in both our rental place and the original cozy cabin and just loved the warmth they provided. Plus, when you have five or six people stripping out of cold wet snow gear all the time, an electric furnace just doesn’t cut it in the drying department! We’ve had the wood stove pumping out the heat for a week in this place and I have been amazed at how quickly things dry. What used to take a couple of days to dry, now only takes a few hours!

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

Nice and warm and cozy…..did I mention the cats kind of love it too?

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

We had to move some furniture around and I’m still not 100% sure this is how things are going to stay, but so far I’m loving the new cozy reading corner πŸ™‚

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

I’ve also been having fun tweaking and styling my bookshelves…

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

One of my favorite quotes. You can get one of these and many more free printables fromΒ The Inspired Room.Β Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

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Even Stella the dog likes to get in on the cozy action sometimes….

Getting all cozy in our Canadian home

On a side-note my daughter made that fire poker (behind Stella’s back) in metalwork class! So proud of her!

I’m trying out something new for my before and after shots. Just below is a slide show of a bunch of pics. The ones with the bookshelves and greenhouse and dark wall is the corner where the woodstove is now, prior to the deep freezer going there, and then there are a couple of pics with our t.v and some random messy Halloween decor which shows how it looked most recently, with the deep freezer in the corner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you enjoyed our little update, I’m hoping to finish up the other side of the living room and share that soon too.

Have a great day!



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