My Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

My Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

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Happy Friday!

I love to cook and I especially love to cook with real, wholesome, garden fresh ingredients. I get quite a lot of compliments on my cooking and baking and though I’d love to take credit for all of the goodness, the key to good cooking, in my opinion, is to have an excellent arsenal of cookbooks!

Favorite Cookbooks


Out of all those cookbooks, the ones I find myself reaching for the most are these five below.

Favorite Cookbooks

  1. It’s all Easy – By Gwyneth Paltrow   This is a new one for me and so far I am loving it! The recipes I have used so far are really quick, easy and delicious! Our family favorite so far is the Black Bean Soup. I couldn’t believe how quick it was to make and it is soooo yummy, 2 out of our 3 kids loved it.
  2. At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen – By Amy Chaplin   I have had this book for about a year and I have used it so much it is literally falling apart! I have loved both the learning aspect and the cooking/recipe aspect as this book has so much wonderful information about food. I have discovered delicious super-foods as well as learned how to cook dried beans properly. Our family favorite from this one is definitely the Cherry Almond Granola as evidenced by the amount of food splatters on the page and the fact that it’s falling out of the book!
  3. The Oh She Glows Cookbook – By Angela Liddon.  This is another one that I’ve had for about a year and love love love it. So many recipes we use and love but the ones we flip to the most are her granola bars and the Tex-Mex Casserole. Our kids love both and I try and make the granola bars once or twice a week for my husbands lunch cause he loves them and they are a pretty filling snack. Super healthy too!
  4.  Put ‘Em Up! – By Sherri Brooks Vinton – This one is still fairly new to me and I am currently experimenting with a couple things, I recently tried the Pickled Asparagus and the Quick Fermented Cabbage and both are currently doing their thing. I haven’t yet tasted these as they are still in the fermenting stage, but what I love about this book, already, is its simple recipes and the way it is organized by vegetable or fruit and all the things you can do to preserve them in one section.
  5. From Amish and Mennonite Kitchens – By Phyllis Pellman Good and Rachael Thomas Pellman– This book is in my list because the recipes are simple and use simple ingredients, most of the recipes make A LOT of food (which is great for our family of 6!) and I can freeze a bunch of the recipes for later and I know they’ve been tried, tested and true for those purposes (I am actually borrowing it from a friend!)

Here’s some close-ups of the rest of my shelf. I have a pretty eclectic collection I think.

favorite Cookbooks favorite cookbooks favorite cookbooks favorite cookbooks

Until recently there were no vegan/vegetarian cookbooks on my shelf. Why? Because I had it in my head that since we weren’t either of those, we couldn’t have those types of cookbooks. Which, looking back, is kind of silly really. What made me change my mind? I was on the hunt for books with lots of vegetable recipes for using the veggies out of our garden in new ways.

So there you have it, my current faves in the cookbook department. Have a great weekend!

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