Sneak Peek at some changes around our home

Living room updates -small space solutions

Over the last 2.5 years we have been living in our house, our living room has gone through many many changes. Probably more changes than any other room in our house! ย And although we aren’t completely ready for a “finished” label on it (though truth be told it’ll probably never be “finished” as I love changing things up!) I wanted to give a little sneak peek at where we are now.


The picture above is what this corner of the room looked like when we moved in and the picture below is what it looked like for a long time.

Living room update

And here we are with the most current set up.


Living room updates -small space solutions

Part of all the change around has been us adjusting to a much smaller house and therefore at different times we have had a large deep freezer, a mini greenhouse, bookshelves-then no bookshelves, and now we have an air hockey table in there. We don’t have a basement or a den or any other sort of large gathering and play space so this large living room has many different functions. It took me awhile to accept that fact and when we got the opportunity to have this air hockey table, at first, my reaction was “no way! We don’t have room!” But after a few days and my husband telling me he always wanted one of them, I thought, “Why not? We can find space somewhere….”

Living room updates -small space solutions

The other reason progress on this room is a bit slow is that we are on a tight tight budget, so things need to be saved for and slowly gathered over time.

One of these days soon I will give you the full living room tour, but until then you can check out this other little update I did, which has a bunch of other different progress pictures.

Have a wonderful week!

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